STEM Lab in Third Grade

Check out what is happening in the STEM Lab! These third graders have been working so hard and developing so many critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Save the City!

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 1/11/2018

Third graders have been busy learning about erosion. They discovered which force of erosion caused the most damage, researched ways to prevent erosion, and developed a solution to stop a landslide. Check out their work.

science experiment

science experiment

science experiment

science experiment

Regions and Robots

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/16/2017

Third graders used the engineering design process to develop a digital SC tour. They researched the SC regions, created a topographical map of SC, and developed a program to make Dash, a robot, the tour guide. They learned how to create programs that included loops and events. Check out their tours by clicking the link below.

SC Digital Tours

kid with robot

kids with robots