Debbie Murdock

Mrs. Debbie Murdock, a kindergarten teacher at Iva Elementary, has been named Anderson 3's 2021-2022 District Teacher of the Year!

"Mrs. Murdock is more than a teacher in our building. She is a loving face, a safe zone, and a nurturer to all of our students. Her passion and love for teaching and her students shines bright in all that she does. She gives it her all 100% of the time and always puts the students first. She is always eager to collaborate with leaders in our building as well as her team. She works hand in hand with others in order to ensure she is planning and implementing lessons and activities that will engage her students and meet each of their individual needs. When you visit her classroom your heart is immediately filled with joy and excitement. You have to force yourself to leave, otherwise, you would end up staying there all day. Her classroom is the perfect example of a positive classroom community. Mrs. Murdock is an absolute joy to work with. We are beyond blessed to have her as a teacher, leader, and friend at Iva Elementary. "

Congratulations, Mrs. Murdock!