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A3 Daily

A3 Daily, 2 days ago

A new awning for the bus rider line was recently added to Flat Rock. A special outdoor classroom is an ongoing project, thanks to grants from Michelin. Landscaping and a new garden were recently added, with plans for future tables and additional landscaping. see pic

Krista Gray

Krista Gray, 6 days ago

Here's a link to our supply list for the 2019-2020 school year! see pic

A3 Daily

A3 Daily, 9 days ago

Our Deb Madden was honored tonight at the Anderson 3 Board of Trustees meeting for her 28 years of service to the students of Anderson 3! Congratulations Mrs. Madden! see pic

A3 Daily

A3 Daily, 14 days ago

Our Tiger Award winner this year is....Amira Hjiri! The Tiger award is Flat Rock's highest award and is presented to the 5th grade student who exemplifies the Flat Rock spirit! see pic