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A3 Communications

A3 Communications, about 24 hours ago

Battle of the Books recently commenced with a final battle round between the two best teams from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade bracket. Congratulations to 5th graders Miley Jones, Abby Linker, and Amira Hjiri for winning the school upperclassmen battle! see pic

A3 Communications

A3 Communications, 3 days ago

NO SCHOOL (02-18-2019) see pic

A3 Communications

A3 Communications, 7 days ago

Professors and representatives from the Clemson College of Education toured all 5 of Anderson 3's schools Wednesday to observe all the great things happening in Anderson 3! see pic

Krista Gray

Krista Gray, 7 days ago

Mrs. Loftis' K5 class made Valentine's Day Cards for the "Cards 4 Kids" program. These handmade sentiments will be delivered to children in local hospitals for Valentine's Day. see pic