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Today’s Spring Sports Senior Spotlight takes us to the baseball diamond as we highlight Tiger Baseball Senior Jake Davis....TIGER PROUD of Jake and all our spring sports seniors!

Name: Jake Davis

Your Current Sport and Position: Baseball Shortstop

College Plans: Go to AU to play baseball and major in Kinesiology

Favorite Thing about Crescent: I love the teachers, my friends, and athletics.

What’s your “Why” for playing sports: I play baseball because I love it. I play it year round and never get tired of it. It is so fun and it is a very hard game to play, so you can always improve your game.

Your Best Crescent Sports Memory: Jarrett Oakes hitting a grand slam in the Upper State Championship

Funniest Player on your team and why:
There’s too many. We have so many goofy guys on the team who make jokes and say hilarious things.

Favorite food: Zaxbys (anything from there)

What superpower do you wish you had and why: Flying so that I can get places faster

Your greatest Halloween costume: Tazmanian devil when I was 2 because it was a good representation of me

Advice to Crescent students: Don’t take your time for granted especially in sports because it flies by and is gone before you know it.

Biggest influence on your life: My parents because they always set a great example for me to follow and are always there for me.

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Crescent Athletics
Crescent Athletics


For today’s Senior Spotlight, we head to the golf course with Senior Olivia Urban! Tiger Proud of Olivia for jumping into athletics/golf her senior year!

Name: Olivia Urban

Your Current Sport: Golf

College Plans: I plan to attend Lander University and major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management.

Favorite Thing about Crescent: One of my favorite things about Crescent is the family-like atmosphere. I know that I will always have amazing teachers and classmates there for me through anything.

What’s your “Why” for playing sports: This was actually my first year playing a sport. I have always been very active in many clubs and organizations, but I wanted to try something new.

Funniest Player on your team and why: The funniest player on the team is probably Mason Center. He always has the best jokes and can keep us laughing constantly.

Favorite food: Chick-fil-a

What superpower do you wish you had and why:
If I had any superpower it would be the ability to read minds. It would make it a lot easier to trust people if you could read through their true intentions.

Advice to Crescent students:
I would say get involved. I have met so many of my friends through clubs and organizations. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to people and develop friendships.

Biggest influence on your life:
The biggest influence on my life has to be my grandma. She was one of the strongest women I knew. She taught me to never give up and always go for my dreams.

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Crescent Athletics
Crescent Athletics


Today we head back to the soccer field with Lady Tiger Senior Jaiden Shea! Some outstanding words of wisdom, advice,and gratitude from Jaiden....... love getting the opportunity to spotlight our spring sports seniors!

Name: Jaiden Shea

Current Sport and Position: Soccer- Center Mid/ Holding Mid/ Forward

College Plans: I am going to Clemson to study Architecture.

Favorite Thing About Crescent:
My favorite thing about Crescent is the relationships that not only the students have with each other, but the bond between the students and teachers. I think all of our teachers do a great job of checking in with students to make sure that they are doing everything possible to help them succeed and being a friend when needed. This attitude is also spread to our administration, who is constantly trying to help us shine, and prepare for the next steps in our lives.

Your “Why” for Playing Soccer:
I have always been a soccer player. Since I could walk, I was kicking a ball or being taken to watch my older brothers play. Every weeknight and weekend was dedicated to soccer. I love how fast-paced the game is and the uniqueness that challenges players to use their skills and work together as a unit. With every new opponent, I learn new things and face new obstacles. When I'm watching the professionals play, they make runs and passes look smooth like water. Playing soccer has taught me a lot of life lessons that helped build my character. With all the countless hours spent at practices and games and countless bruises, with countless victories and defeats, came countless memories and friendships. And I am so thankful for all of it.

Greatest Crescent Sports Memory:
My best Crescent soccer memory is making it to the 2nd round of playoffs my sophomore year. Before this time, Crescent Girls Soccer had never made to the first round of playoffs. I remember preparing for the first playoff game, confident in my team and myself. After we won, our next opponent was Indian Land. They had been effortlessly crushing every team that they played, and we were intimidated. The practice before we played them, Coach Bourgeois had the whole team sit down together and told the Bible story of David and Goliath, which was exactly what our team felt like going into the next game. Coach Bourgeois encouraged us by saying not to focus on how skilled the other team was, or how many victories they had, but to only focus on what we could do together. He handed all the girls on the team a little pebble, we prayed for a safe journey and went to the battlefield the next day. We didn't win that game against Indian Land, but we played with everything we had, and my teammates and I had made history. I will never forget that.

Funniest Player on Your Team:
The funniest person on my team would have to go to my best friend, and fellow captain, Haley Pepper. Haley is constantly cracking me up at practices and even during games. Even when I'm getting frustrated on the field, Haley tries to brighten my mood by making some stupid joke that never fails to make me crack a smile.

My hands-down favorite food is ice cream. My favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip, and I love to treat myself with a cone or milkshake after victories.

What Superpower do you Wish for:
If I could choose a superpower I would pick teleportation. I am adventurous and being able to appear anywhere in the world would feed my wanderlust. Also, it would be super fun to play pranks on people.

Greatest Halloween Costume:
I don't really have a favorite Halloween costume, but I used to work the Disney princess costumes when I was little.

Advice for Crescent Students:
My advice for underclassmen… Well as obvious as this message seems, enjoy what you have while you have it. You don't know what the future holds for you, and things can change in an instant. And I have always grown up hearing that, but I've never truly experienced that lesson until something falls right out of the palm of my hand. I played what might be my last high school game on Monday night, not even considering a virus far far away from Starr, SC would come to steal away a part of my senior season. So please, make fun memories with your friends, cherish your family, and always always thank God for what you have.

Greatest Influence on you:
My parents have the biggest influence on me. They have always practiced what they preached that it takes hard work to be successful. I watch them come home from work on the weekdays only to take out their computer and pick back up right where they left off. They have also taught me that work isn't over everything. That finding time to share a meal with your family or take a short trip is what you're going to remember in the long run. They have taught me so many other life lessons, sometimes without even knowing, and I am so grateful for them both. Love you, Mom and Dad!

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Crescent Athletics
Crescent Athletics


Today’s senior spotlight takes us back to the soccer field, as we spotlight senior soccer player James Sharp! Like all our senior spotlights so far, some awesome, profound, and clever insights!

Name: James Isaiah Sharp

Your Current Sport and Position: Soccer; Left midfielder, right defensive back, center midfield

College Plans: Business Management at UofSC

My favorite thing about Crescent: High School is the teachers. I wouldn’t wish for a better community of educators to prepare me for my future.

What is your “Why” for Playing Sports:
I play sports in order to stay in shape and stay connected with my friends. The soccer team is my second family. I love you guys.

Greatest Crescent Sports Memory:
The best memory for soccer has got to be when the coaches gave us pizza at practice my freshman year. I love pizza. Also there was a dog running around on the field with us, I think it was Ms. Rainey’s dog.

Funniest Player on Your Team:
The funniest player on the team has got to be Jesse Sauve. His humor is just unbeatable. He cracks unexpected jokes both during practice and on the field, and he backs it with hard work and determination to win games.

Favorite Food:
My favorite food has got to be pizza. You seriously cannot go wrong with it. Italians definitely knew what they were doing.

What Superpower do you Wish for:
I would like to travel through time. Time travel would be great because I could travel back before I ate a slice of pizza and then eat it again - now that would be crazy.

Greatest Halloween Costume:
I have a twin brother, so one year I decided to wear his clothes and be him for Halloween. Cheap and effective.

Advice to Crescent Students:
Don’t waste your time, it’s precious. Spend time with your friends, go to the sports games, and definitely apply for scholarships.

Greatest Influence on Your Life:
My biggest influence has got to be my papa Willy. Some people knew him as William Carter. He was a great man, and I give him credit for every bit of the man that I am today. He always encouraged me to work hard and to never give up.

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Four Tiger Wrestlers headed to STATE!

Four Tiger Wrestlers headed to STATE!

Congrats to these four young men!

Region l-AAA Champs Cameron and Jamie Ellis, Upper State Saturday

Region l-AAA Champs Cameron and Jamie Ellis, Upper State Saturday

Region 1-3A Wrestloing Results:106: Brady Adams 3rd113: Aquan Taylor 3rd120: Dylan Williams 3rd126: Kade Williams 3rd138: Alex Donald 2nd145: Elijah Richey 2nd160: Camerien Ellis 1st182: Jamie...